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5 practices towards great customer service in 2016

Modern day customer service has experienced drastic changes due to the sheer number of communication channels available .

Instead of phone calls and snail mail, consumers can now use email, social media, text messages, live chats and even video calls. Of all these platforms, Instant Messaging has emerged as one of the biggest and most preferred means of customer service.

2015 was a good year for customer service via IM, primarily because it saw a global increase in smartphone reach and penetration. Surveys showed that nearly 42% of the global population own a smartphone.

For these smartphone users, mobile will increasingly define how they communicate, shop and engage with brands.

A recent survey by cloud communications provider Corvisa found that 77 percent of consumers are open to getting text messages from companies, particularly when it comes to fraud alerts; reminders for payment, appointments, reservations, travel status, etc. (54 percent); and notifications of sales, discounts or special promos (49 percent).

Given the rapid growth of IM communication, here are a number of tips to help grow your customer service via IM in 2016.

1. Know your audience.

To build a scalable, long lasting experience, you need to consider what your customers want and need through your entire lifecycle together. One way to do this is to generate periodic insights based on your day to day client interaction. Our insights and analytics feature allows you to identify peak times, analyze keywords and trends.

Using these insights you can know when to have all your agents on board and what questions you will most likely need to respond to.

2.Help your customers help them selves

Experts have slated customer self service as the next big thing in CS. More and more customers want to be able to solve their own problems.

**"Customers want the ability to help themselves, and we see more and more companies implementing self-service strategies , If done correctly, customer self-service can be a great 'win-win' where the customer gets the answers they need at a lower cost to the company

Robert Johnson, president and CEO of customer service software company TeamSupport**

To facilitate this, you can, provide concise, step by step instructions to your most frequently asked questions. You can also create IM groups and use it as a forum where you customers can interact and help each other .

3.Use Quick, personalized responses.

One of the biggest benefits of using IM is that it is faster, cheaper and more personalized than most other means of communication. As earlier shown, more and more customers are opting to receive messages on the go instead of calling or emailing.

Using our canned responses and auto-responders you can create a knowledge base of your most frequently asked questions and respond to your customers even when you are not around.

4.Equip your team

It is important that your team members have adequate information on customer history prior to responding to customer service queries. Everyone who interacts with customers’ needs to have the full context of their relationship.

Our integrated dashboard allows all your agents to simultaneously view incoming messages and conversation history. You can store your messages for as long as is required .Agents can also choose to bookmark, close or mark a conversation as unread for easy reference.


Ensure you have an efficient and consistent way of responding to customer queriess. Most customers say their biggest frustrations with customer service are insufficient knowledge and inconsistency among agents. Avoid this by setting up canned responses that all you agents have access to.

Conversation features such as bookmarking can also help set references for the manner in which questions should be approached and handled.

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