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6 ways to drive customer engagement to your business account:

Achieving engagement with a customer and maintaining good customer relations is key for any business that wants to succeed in the long run. Building these customer relationships can take time but they are definitely worth investing in.

We’ve come up with a number of ways you can increase customer engagement to your Ongair business account.

1. Share your Account details

Once you have set up your account on Ongair you will need to share your account details with your customers so that they can know how to reach you.

These details may vary from channel to channel. In the case of WhatsApp this could be your WhatsApp number, for Telegram this could be your bot name, for WeChat your WeChat ID and for Messenger your Facebook Page.

There are many ways to share your account details. One could be through your social media accounts. ( Tweet and Post your phone number,page name or ID )

You could also choose to include your details as part of your email signature. Or go a step further and display your account details on your website.

We encourage you to use any or all of the methods above..and if you think of any thing else , feel free to use it too. The more your clients know how to reach you the better.

2. Personalize your account:

One of the main reasons for conducting your customer service via Instant Messaging is to make customer engagement more personal.

One of the primary ways you can do this, is to personalize your Ongair profile in the following ways:
  1. Upload an appropriate profile picture – to help clients better identify you.
  2. Continually update your status and let your customers know when you are offline / online / busy or available.

3. Manage expectations:

Always have a response to a customer’s query. Even if an immediate solution is not available, notify the customer that you are working on it and will get back to them.

Auto-responders and Canned responses are built for situations like this.

For instance, you can set up an auto responder that notifies your customers when you are available or not.

e.g Hi there, thank you for contacting Ongair, we have received your request and shall respond to it shortly. Please note our agents are available from Monday - Friday, (9.00 am - 5.00 pm) GMT +3. You can also write to us at hello@ongair.im.

Ongair also allows you to set up canned responses which can be used to answer your most Frequently Asked Questions. Simply save the responses using a desired shortcut and then access them from your dashboard without having to keep pasting them from other sources.

4. Prioritise your customers’ requests:

We understand that some queries can be more urgent than others. As a result, we’ve put in a number of tools that help you manage your conversations better.

Depending on their level of urgency you can choose to bookmark, close or mark a conversation as unread.

5. Understand your Clients

Beyond customer queries and responses, do you understand your clients? What they feel about your product /service and when they are most likely to contact you?

Insights and analytics are a great way to do this, not to mention an integral part of every business.

Use our reports generator to view reports and analytics based on customer interaction.

Predict peak times and deduct trends from day – to –day engagement

6. Simplify your customers’ experience as much as possible

The entire premise of instant messaging is built on convinience, speed and simplicity. Instant messaging for business also borrows heavily from the same.

Surveys show that 40+ percent of consumers would opt to use text or messaging for customer service, but don’t because it’s either not available or lacks interaction quality.

Combining all the above tips makes customer relation management enjoyable and effective for both you and your clients. This in turn, creates long term relationships that add value to both parties.

Make the most of your Ongair experience today.