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7 interesting stats about Multichannel Customer Service

Modern day consumers now use at least four different channels when interacting with brands or organizations. The most popular channels are email, telephone, live chat and online self-service portals. Channel preference is changing rapidly based on the technology available to the consumer and the speed of response.

More and more companies are moving to adapt an Omni channel strategy that provides a seamless customer service experience across all channels of communication.

Historically, consumers have practically begged brands for better customer experiences and since those pleas have been largely ignored, consumers are going out and creating them themselves. - Tim Dreyer

Today we draw statistics from Microsoft's **Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, 2015 ** . The report interviewed approximately 4000 respondents from 4 countries; US , UK , Brazil and Japan. It highlights the consumers' pereption of modern day customer service across the various channels and what they like / dislike most about it.

1. Which of the following customer service channels do you use on a regular basis?

2.When engaging with a brand or organization for customer service, where does your interaction typically begin?

3.What do you feel is the most important aspect of a satisfying customer service experience?

When asked the above question . More than 40% of resondents said that the most satisfying aspect of customer service was Getting their issue resolved quickly.

Followed by an average of nearly 25 % who said that they preffered Getting their issue resolved on first contact (no
matter how long it takes)

4. Have you ever stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience?

5.What do you feel is the most frustrating aspect of a customer service experience?

For this question , majority of respondents said that they "Disliked being passed between one agent and another ".

Followed closely by respondets who said they would get frustrated when Forced to contact a brand or organization multiple times for the same issue

One other issue that respondents pointed out was a Lack of sufficient information online and Impolite Customer Service Agents

.6 Do you have a more favorable view of a brand or organization that offers a mobile responsive self-service portal?


7.How important is customer service in your choice of, or loyalty to a brand or organization?

One other major aspect featured in the report is the growing use of Social media. Consumers now the ability to share their negative and positive customer service experiences with a much larger audience. For instance 50% of respondents in the United States, say they have used social media to praise a brand while 38% say they have used it to complain about a brand's services.

What we really want to know , The future of live chat ???

Many Customer Service analysts have slated Live Chat to be the next frontier when it comes to Customer Relation Management. For example, Aspect Consumer Experience Index found that text and chat usage with consumers for customer service issues would increase dramatically in the coming years: 250% for chat, 367% for text.

What does this mean for me and my business ?

Well, for starters this is brilliant news. Why so ? Live Chat gives businesses the ability to interact with their customers on a faster and more personal level. Many consumers want to chat on the go from wherever they are and like all of us , they hate waiting.

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NOTEL : All facts and images presented above were obtained from Microsoft's 2015 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report unless otherwise stated.