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Crisps - A cool plugin for Crisp.im

One of the things I love about working at Ongair is the innovative culture that’s focused on problem solving.As a tech company, it's in our DNA to solve our own challenges, even when the product we're using isn’t ours.


One of the tools we love using is, Crisp. Crisp is a great live chat platform that we use on our home page to engage our clients in real time.


We recently realised that roughly 32% of the people our customer service team was chatting with hadn’t yet signed up to use Ongair.

In addition to that, the team had to switch to a different page on our dashboard in order to confirm whether the email of the person they were chatting with, matched any one of our signed up users. In as much as this was a working solution, it was time consuming and to a large extent redundant.


We had a quick brainstorm with the team and settled on creating a Chrome Plugin.

A chrome plugin is an application that runs on your browser and is able to add third party functionality to an external application without directly integrating with it.

( A great example of a successful Chrome plugin is Rapportive. Rapportive allows the user to find out more about their contacts by overlaying some public information e.g. LinkedIn profile and Facebook information.)


Our Chrome plugin allows an agent using crisp to quickly tell if a user they are chatting with has already signed up for Ongair.

The plugin displays a YES or NO besides the user's email address. To show whether or not they have signed up.

For instance, in the screen shot below. We realized that although Mr. Chat Mee was interested in Ongair he had not yet signed up to try out the platform.

So we asked him if he could first sign up and set up his WeChat account ...and as soon as he did, the plugin displayed a YES beside his email address.

Fantastic, right ?


If you use Crisp (and we greatly recommend that you do) and would like to use this for your own system, we’ve open sourced the code handling this functionality. All you need to do is:

  1. Create a Restful API endpoint on your server that takes an email address as a parameter and returns a JSON response, which exists as either true or false depending on whether the user has signed up.

  2. Go to the Chrome Marketplace, search for the Ongair plugin and install it.

  3. Then go to your chrome://extensions page, navigate to the extension and click on the "options" link. Provide the URL in the popup that appears.

4.Reload the crisp application and you should now see a green YES next to the email if the user has already signed up, otherwise it’ll be a red no if they haven't.

Since we started using Crisps, our sign-ups have risen remarkably. Our agents can now check whether or not a user has signed up, without having to leave the dashboard. I highly recommend it to anyone out there looking to track their sign-ups on the go.

  • Job , Head of Customer Engagement and Sales , Ongair

If you find this useful let us know in the comments and if you’re a hacker with a passion to solve business to consumer communication problems using instant messaging, we’re looking for you. Check out our github repo. Say hi to us and let us know why you want to join us.