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Analyzing your Customer Service on WhatsApp

Winston Churchill famously said, "I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself". However, if you work in a real business you'll know that stats and metrics are very important (to your boss) especially when you're evaluating your ROI.

Analytics Dashboard

At Ongair, we've developed the most advanced reports and analytics for Instant Message platforms available today. What are some of the key things we allow you to measure?

Response times

Remember, WhatsApp is Instant Messaging. Your customers can tell when the message was delivered and even when it was read. So you need to measure your response time and we've definitely got your covered.

Keyword Analysis

WhatsApp lacks natural trend-detection like #hashtags in Twitter, Facebook etc. That doesn't mean you have to be in the dark in terms of what your customers are communicating to you. We provide you with a pie-chart with the frequency of your most common keywords to allow you to detect global problems earlier.

Peak Times

One thing you quickly learn when building Customer Service software is that you have to be good at Customer Service yourself. So, yes we understand it gets busy sometimes and you'd like to know when those moments are. Our heatmap can tell you historically when this occurs and even give you detailed performance reports on your Agents. No more guesswork needed for the Agent of the month award :-)

If you're ready to start giving your customers some awesome Customer Service - do it like a Pro by signing up today.

What else do you think we should measure? Let us know in the comments.