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A.S. ROMA partners with WECHAT

Italian Football Club A.S. Roma recently partnered with popular messaging app WeChat to deliver club news and match scores directly to its fans. WeChat, a popular messaging app which was launched in China in 2011, currently has over 600million monthly actively users, with 100 million of them being outside China.

WeChat allows brands to create official accounts that users can then follow and reach them through. Seamlessly combining the power of social media and instant messaging all on one central platform.

The WeChat + AS Roma partnership now allows fans to follow either the English/Italian or Chinese Official Accounts.

Making Roma the first international football club to launch an official account outside of China.

Through these accounts, fans will be able to receive daily club news, watch exclusive videos, share photos, and listen to Roma Radio. Delighted fans can do everything from access match results to watch live games and read club news, all without having to leave WeChat.

Club News and Announcements
Club News

Match resuts and fixtures

But if you think that's as far as Club to Fan interaction goes, well prepare to be astounded.It gets better.....much better. Through the club’s official accounts,fans can now play a prediction game against each other.

Before each A.S. Roma game, fans are able to predict the outcome of 15 individual events. They are then awarded between 100-1,000 points for each correct prediction with the highest point earners making it to the top of the leader board. The 15 predictions, which range from guessing the half-time score to how many penalties may occur in a game, are split between pre-game, in-game and at half-time.

Fans win more than just bragging rights, weekly winners receive an official A.S Roma shirt and the Grand Prize winner receives a post season VIP treatment by the club.

A statement released by the club , reads :

The concept is simple: For every Serie A match Roma play this season, we’re asking fans to predict the outcome of 15 individual events and awarding points for every correct prediction they make. The 15 predictions - which range from guessing the half-time score to how many penalties may be awarded in a game – are split between pre-game, in-game and at half-time.

Every time you get a prediction correct, you’ll earn between 100 and 1,000 points. Earn enough points and you could find yourself top of the leaderboard and on your way to glory!
Fans who play the game all season could win the ultimate prize in May but we’re also giving supporters the chance to win a shirt if they earn the most points in a one-off game.

The AS Roma + WeChat partnership is a classic example of how brands are leveraging the power of Instant Messaging to get closer to their customers/ users.

How to download WeChat and follow AS Roma?

  1. Download WeChat directly from your app store.
  2. Follow AS Roma by clicking Contacts then click Official Accounts and then tap the “+” sign in the top right corner and search AS Roma
  3. Once added, you will now be able to find AS Roma in the Official Accounts section of your Contacts in WeChat

*WeChat app is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

WeChat in particular offers tonnes of features that other messaging apps do not. Especially when it comes to interactivity, customers can even make orders and payments via the platform. In Asia for instance you can buy insurance and apply for a mortgage via the application, not to mention the countless possiblities that it has to offer.

How can my brand use WeChat ?

You too can use WeChat and benefit from all the fantastic features it has to offer. With our Zendesk integration you can now easily integrate your official WeChat account into your workflow.

To find out how, reach us on wechat at **ongairim ** or email hello@ongair.im.