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Brazil blocks Whatsapp for 48 hours

( 17th December ) a Brazillian court ordered a complete shutdown of Whatsapp use and services throughout Brazil, for 48 hours.

In a move that pretty much took everyone by storm the court stated that the shutdown stemmed from WhatsApp's noncompliance in a criminal proceeding.

The order was passed by a judge in the city of Sao Paulo , following WhatsApp's repeated non-compliance of a judicial order that was passed back in July this year . The ban was issued in relation to criminal proceedings in a case involving a drug trafficker who allegedly used the messaging service in the commission of crimes.

Shortly after its announcement , the ban led to a storm of complaints, protests, and memes posted on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media services.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said it was a "sad day for Brazil" and that he hoped the courts would "quickly reverse course".

But perhaps the most interesting part of the whole incident was how well this ban benefited Whatsapp competitors.

How well you ask ?.. Lets just say a million new users well.

Just 3 hours after the ban was announced , Telegram Messenger announced that they had a record 500,000 new users all from Brazil .

By the end of the day this number had risen to 1 million strong

You could tell, the folks at Telegram weren’t keen on hiding their excitement.

And for valid reason, in recent times. Telegram has been slated to rival Whatsapp on many fronts .Including; features, security , business, among others.

By the end of the day , the ban was however lifted by a higher court stating that the move was unconstitutional .

"Because of constitutional principles, it is not reasonable that millions of users be affected," the Sao Paolo court overseen by judge Xavier de Souza wrote.

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