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Easily Manage your WhatsApp Group Chat

Chase Bank Kenya was the first bank to use WhatsApp for customer service. They recently upped their interaction on this platform by inviting people in financial groups to add their bank to their group for the purposes of getting investment advice.

Talk to your Bank via WhatsApp

There are an estimated 300,000 investment groups (known as Chamas) in Kenya. It is common for them to use WhatsApp groups to organise themselves as it is a cost effective means of communication.

WhatsApp group chat functionality allows upto 50 participants to communicate. All members of the group can see each others contacts and this is a concern.

Ongair lets you easily manage your WhatsApp groups for your business through the Group Inbox. You also get an email notification every time your number is added to a group so you'll never miss an invite. You can easily delete the entire conversation after completion to ensure privacy.

If you would like to try out Ongair for your business send us an email at hello@ongair.im or send us a WhatsApp on 254.733.171.036.