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Everything you need to know about The New Ongair Dashboard

A year ago we first launched Ongair. Today we’re proud to bring you a better, faster, improved version of it...Ongair 2.0

We've always believed that in order for you to get closer to your clients, we needed to get closer to you. Which is why we took in your feedback and built a new dashboard better tailored to meet your needs.

Over the past few months we have thoroughly developed and tested it, putting your requirements at the forefront of the entire process.

Our approach has mainly been centred around; ease of navigation, better conversation management and overall user experience. You now have the ability to manage multiple accounts, send out canned responses, receive videos and do much more.

Now we know you might have a couple of questions, regarding what’s changed. So here are a few things we would like to draw your attention to.


We’ve added a number of features to help you better manage your conversations. Depending on their level of priority or need, you can now choose to Bookmark, Close or Mark a conversation as Unread.

Located at the center top of the dashboard these options are available whenever you access your inbox or group messages.

How they Work:

Save your most important conversations so you can easily revist them later. You can access your bookmarked conversations under the Bookmark section on the left sidebar.

Once you’ve sorted out a client's issue/enquiry you can close it to show that it has successfully been dealt with.

In the event that you would need to revist a previously read conversation you can mark it as unread. This helps you know that the message is 'new' and needs viewing.


Switch through multiple accounts without having to open a new window. It’s faster, it’s easier, it’s much more convenient.

Your accounts can be accessed on the left hand side of the dashboard, clicking on each will open its respective sections and sub menus.


Send quick and convenient responses to your most frequently asked questions. Rather than typing the same answer repeatedly or pasting it from some other resource, you can conveniently save your responses and access them directly through a pre-defined shortcut.

Under settings > Canned Responses > New Canned Response


At the top right corner of your dashboard, there’s a How it Works manual that contains a brief guide on how the new dashboard works.

What some of our clients had to say..

“Ongair listened to my feedback and built something fantastic. The new dashboard is definitely a breath of fresh air. Very much needed, very fulfilling to use “

Felix Obi - Nigeria

“I really enjoyed testing the new dashboard. I was instantly hooked by its fresh new features and easy to use design. Looking forward to the launch “ -

Alex Santiago – Peru.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to break down the various features in more detail and you can find them right here on the blog.

Once you try out the new dashboard we would love to hear your feedback on what you think about it. For any enquiries email hello@ongair.im or find us on twitter @ongair_.