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Never miss your facebook Customers' posts or comments again

It’s easy to fall behind when managing Facebook pages directly through Facebook yet your customers want to find answers quickly online especially through social media.

In addition to providing real time conversations with your customers where they spend most of their time,Facebook through our integration with Facebook Messenger, you can now provide even better customer support experience by using Ongair to manage your entire Facebook page.

The new upgrade creates tickets that are reflected on the Ongair dashboard allowing you to respond to public customer interactions in a timely manner when:

A guest posts on your page timeline.This could be a query,comment or photo.

Comments are added on your posts either as new comments or as comments to other peoples posts

.Comments and replies are added on guest posts by other visitors.

So,now you can quickly see new comments that have popped up. Reply, review, assign or tag and you’re done.

Wondering how to do this?

First, go to Settings, select the account at the top of the Settings page (the Facebook page in this case) and click the grey button to enable public feeds.

If it's blue, you're good to go.

Next, you need to reauthorise Ongair's access to your page. You'll see this a little further down the Settings page.

Now you can manage your page's feed via your Ongair account.

Having any queries or troubles ? Drop us an email at hello@ongair.im and we'll walk you through the integration process or you can subscribe to the Ongair Blog in the section below and get notified whenever we post new content.

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