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Receive your WhatsApp messages via Email

WhatsApp users on average receive about 2.2K messages per month. Sounds manageable for an individual. But what happens when you're a company doing customer care on WhatsApp, or running a marketing campaign or perhaps you're a socialite...

We received over 1000 messages from about 90 contacts last weekend. Is there a way we can perhaps receive an hourly summary via email? Because we don't want to always be logged in to the portal...

This was the email we received on monday from one of our launch clients who'd started a WhatsApp marketing campaign on a Friday and was overwhelmed by the response.

We're not fans of Email, but we understand its benefits in a corporate setting and today we can announce, configurable digests via Email. Now you can continue to be productive on email, and get periodic emails with your incoming messages.

Sample notification Email

If you would like to try out Ongair for your business send us an email at hello@ongair.im or send us a WhatsApp on 254.770.381.135. Don't worry we'll get the notification on email and reply :-)