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How Instant Messaging improves office productivity

Instant messaging has always been seen as more of a social engagement platform as opposed to a business one. But many people are begining to reevaluate this stand ...

Today it is one of the most widely used forms of communication and for good reason. For starters, It is fast, it allows you to share a wider range of media files and most importatntly almost everyone is using it. Even your Boss uses instant messaging so why on earth won't they let you use it at work ? :(

Well, traditionally it's been viewed as a distraction and as a waste of precious productive time. Interestingly enough though, all the pros that Instant Messaging presents in a social aspect work perfectly well in the business world too.

Companies all around the world have begun embracing IM as a workplace tool much like email.

By implementing a chosen IM software ( such as Ongair :) ) it is indeed possible to facilitate realtime communication using instant messaging. This communication can be carried out within and outside your company.

You can have team discussions , conduct customer service , carry out promotions and so much more. The number ways in which you can use Instant Messaging for business are endless.

So if your organization still views Instant Messaging as a workplace interference, you may be missing out on a lot.


It is FASTER :

With the proper internet connectivity and the right device, Instant messages take typically less than a second to be delivered.

To make it better, studies have shown that the average person checks their device nearly 85 times a day, spending a total of five hours browsing the web and using apps. Which means the chances of your message being read shortly after it is recieved are very high.

Whether you are sending a message to your fellow employees or conducting customer service via IM , you are guaranteed of a shorter response time as compared to emails.

It is more PERSONAL

One thing about using Instant Messaging for business is that it offers a personal touch while still maintaining cordial business relationships.

It is not as formal as an email and the real-time back and forth responses, offer a level of interactivity that is unseen on other communication platforms.

Not to mention, it is easier for some people to express what they mean in writing than on a phone call. Even when there is a language barrier , you can quite easily copy the text and translate it into a language that you understand.

Messages are SHORT

Boy oh boy don't we all dislike long emails.

The brevity of IM texts make it easier for people to understand each other and by extension respond to messages faster. Hence making it a huge time saver in the long run.

When using IM for Customer service for instance, you can respond to a query faster, resolve it and move on to another issue without having to keep your customers on hold for a long time.

**Despite the perception that instant messaging can have negative effects on productivity, it is not something to be feared. Used correctly and under the right circumstances, this tool can truly have a positive impact on your business.

  • Lauren Marchese**

These are just a few of the ways that IM can improve your office productivity. When used in the right way it can open up a world of possibilities and greatly reduce costs spent on communication to both employees and clients.


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