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How to create an official Wechat account

Popular messaging app, WeChat changed the face of Instant Messaging when they announced that businesses / brands could now open official accounts on the platform and interact directly with their customers.

Since then, sources show that Official Accounts have become the most important WeChat service with almost 80% of WeChat users following one Official Account or more.

Official accounts can promote their brands to billions of WeChat users through the WeChat channel, thus reducing propagation cost, raising brand popularity, and building up more influential brand images.

There are 3 types of official accounts: the service account, subscription account and corporate account. Each of the accounts varies in capability but they can all be used to conduct customer relation management.

How to Create an official account

1: Visit http://apply.wechat.com/.

2. Fill in Application form

Here you will be required to fill in information regarding your company. The application form is divided into two sections:

Official Account Registration Info

This section requires you to fill out your official account ; **name , country , email , password ** and intro that will displayed on the official account profile page.

You will also be required to upload an application statement explaining the purpose and proposed usage of your official account and upload a proposal attachment.

Company Basic Information

The second section is the Company Information section. Here you will be required to fill in details related to your company. These include ; **Company Name, Contact Name, Tel no , Company intro and Company website **.

3. Terms and Conditions

Lastly you will need to read and accept the terms and conditions .It is important to carefully read through the notes presented in order to get a proper understanding of the scope , capability and restrictions when using an official account.

Once you’ve filled out the form correctly and agreed to the terms and conditions, type in the verification code displayed and hit the submit button .

We Chat official accounts take a few working days to be verified and you will need to wait until your account is confirmed. You can visit the application website and check the progress of your application once you are through signing up .

To use WeChat on Ongair, you will have to open and register an official account as described in the steps above.

However, if you would like to test an official application out without going through the entire verification process , WeChat allows you to develop a basic official account in a sandbox. The Test Account Admin Platform provides Official Account API access to developers allowing them to test new features before they use them in production.

To create a test account Simply visit this page and log into WeChat by scanning the QR code displayed on your screen

Test accounts are limited in functionality and you will need to create an official account to enjoy more advanced APIs and be able to provide your users with more valuable personalized service.

Once you have successfully set up and verified your official account , visit Ongair.Im and find out how you can begin your path to great customer service today. For any queries or clarifications, email hello@ongair.im and we will get back to you.