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Get the " Very responsive to Messages " badge on Facebook

Facebook has continually been working to improve how businesses carry out customer service on the platform.

With products like Facebook work which are set to be launched soon, the company has begun to make the platform more appealing to business merchants all over the world.

For instance, in June of 2015, they rolled out the “ Very Responsive to Messages “ badge . The badge is meant to show people which pages respond quickly and consistently to private messages.

It appears directly below your Page’s cover photo, and is based on average response times generated every 7 days.

Image Source Tech Crunch
Source - Tech Crunch

How to get it ?

According to Facebook’s documentation, to get the badge, your Page must have achieved the following in the past 7 days to get the badge.

 A response rate of 90%

 A median response time of 5 minutes

How it works?

When your page has the badge, anyone can see it. When the badge is not there, only page admins can see the responsiveness info.

Messenger in 2016

More and more messaging apps are beginning to offer services that go beyond every day chatting and media sharing. Services like mobile payments, ecommerce and gaming features are all changing how businesses interact with their consumers. Making consumer engagement easier, convenient and evidently more exciting.

Facebook recently announced that Messenger has over 800 million active monthly users with over 9.5 million photos being downloaded every month. This is fantastic news for businesses and Facebook says they’re just getting started.

“ It’s a good number, but we believe we have so much more opportunity ahead of us, and these are still the early days of Messenger.” Dave Marcus, Facebook head of messaging products.

Messenger + Ongair

We have recently launched support for Facebook Messenger, which means you can link you Messenger account to Ongair and manage all you customer service engagements through a single dashboard.

To try it out , we have a 14 day free trial that you can start here. Just link you Messenger account and you're good to go. For any queries or clarifications do email us at hello@ongair.im and we’ll get back to you.

Featured Image Source : Facebook