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THE POLL......

Last week, we conducted a Twitter Poll to find out which Instant Messaging app users frequently used other than WhatsApp. We asked users to choose between Facebook Messenger , WeChat, Telegram and Viber. The 4 applications were selected on the basis of their popularity and use in various world markets.

The poll which ran for 24 hours, did not fall short of all the excitement and twists that accompany any day to day election.

The first few hours saw Telegram take a steady lead with Facebook Messenger following close behind.....

...however, it wasn't long before Messenger caught up and before we knew it , both apps were going head to head . At this point it was nearly impossible to tell which one would win.

But as closing time drew nearer, FB Messenger gained steady ground over Telegram and emerged victorious. Garnering an estimated 47% of all the 75 votes cast.

Apart from the final results, there were other interesting discussions and questions raised during the excercise. Some users said that their preferred apps were not on the list, citing BBM , Line and Google Hangouts as some of them .

While others simply said they didn't use anything else other than Whatsapp.

Some also contested the results of the poll...

It was interesting to see the ensuing debates that various smart phone users engaged in. WhatsApp is the most commonly used IM application in developing countries but its position is slowly being contested by other messaging apps that are aiming to break into this market.

Messaging apps differ in their functionalities, with most of them offering a feature or two that others do not. For instance We Chat and Line allow brands to open official accounts, Viber prides itslef on its VOIP capability, while Telegram allows users to send files to each other among other things.

All in all, users tend to gravitate towards the app that suits their needs the most, these needs could be simple or more complex.


Below is an interactive map that allows you to view some of the world's most popular messaging apps, where they are from and the features they offer. The map is not based on market share / prevalance rather than the country where the applications were founded.

Click on a marker to view more detials about a particular app

We would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to the poll in one way or another.

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The Ongair Team