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Location! Location! Location!

'Location! Location! Location! goes the old real estate mantra - The short way of saying that value of land is greatly determined by the quality of its location and its surrounding areas. In a similar way, the value of a lead in terms of Marketing & Sales is greatly determined by the context.

Social Location Mobile

SO-LO-MO - Social, Location & Mobile is the new digital marketing buzz and its all about the convergence of these three pillars.

For the first time, Brands can tie online social engagements directly to offline transactions

WhatsApp is a great channel for implementing your location based engagment strategies. One of the less celebrated features of WhatsApp is the ability to share your location with your friends. This comes in handy when say, giving directions to your friend. Instead of a long phone call with sometimes obscure directions, you can simply send your GPS location accurate to about 10 metres.

Ongair Example

While developing Ongair, we realized the need for conversations to have context and added a map view. We can also reverse geo-code (obtain geographical co-ordinates from plain text) received messages.

Want to start delivering your orders via WhatsApp, or giving location based offers today? Send us an email at hello@ongair.im or send us a WhatsApp on 254.770.381.135