June 2018: What's new at Zendesk



New year. New features. Better experiences all around.

We’ve added 20+ features that make the agent experience smoother, provide easier ways to track the performance of your team, and smarter ways to help customers.Source: Zendesk

Zendesk has made advances such that you can reach out to your customers before they feel the need to contact you. This could be through targeted messages or you offering support before they contact you. Now wouldn't that be thoughtful of you as a business? This is all possible via Connect + Outbound. The newest addition to their portfolio of products.

The future of innovation and so many other aspects of businesses is linked to predictions of future trends and making sense of the readily available large pool of data. Zendesk aims to help you explore new frontier customer experience and understand what's working and what is not.

Support enables you to keep track of support tickets and prioritise the order in which to handle them. This makes your running of customer support more efficient and effective. It also ensures that any follow ups are taken up and seen through.

Another new feature is Talk it out, which let's you have a more personalised conversation with customers on phone. Skip listening to pre-recorded messages. That is unless you have some form of repeat querries. In addition, the agent who picks up your call is immediately able to view your history and any previous tickets in order to quickly and efficiently serve you.

Reach out to your customers in real time in their language of preference via chat. What's more live chat lets you communicate with multiple customers at a go reducing waiting time.

At the heart of what we do here at Ongair is ensuring you deliver great customer experience to your customers. Since happy customers are loyal customers and even end up being brand ambassadors. Check out what you can accomplish by choosing Ongair + Zendesk.