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Monthly round up - Telegram hits 100, 000, 000 million users

We’re back with the second issue of our monthly round up series, where we look at the latest trends in Instant Messaging and updates made to some of the biggest IM apps we have today.

Telegram :

Two and a half years after it was launched, one of our favourite messaging apps, Telegram is now delivering over 15 billion messages daily and has more than 100,000,000 monthly active users, with 350,000 new users signing up each day.

We’re thrilled to see this exponential growth that Telegram is experiencing . Not to mention some of the new features that the company has recently introduced. Features such as inline bots, quick gif search, custom sticker sets and many more are making the app’s user experience fun, engaging and time saving.

Haven’t yet signed up for Telegram ? Download the app today and see why everyone is buzzing about it.

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We Chat news

Red packets We Chat’s secret weapon in payments...

source: WeChat

Earlier this year as millions of people celebrated the Lunar New Year, ( China’s biggest holiday) WeChat users honored holiday traditions in new exciting ways.

Revolutionizing the way its users communicate, WeChat’s money transfer feature allowed people to send Red Packets or Lucky Money gifts to friends and family over the holiday.

Red Packets are digital gift envelopes stuffed with cash.

To usher in the year of the monkey, on New Year’s Eve alone, over 8 billion Red Packets were sent and received by 420 millions users. According to WeChat this represented eight times the amount of money sent during last year’s holiday.

One of the reasons we absolutely love WeChat at Ongair is that it essentially shows that Instant Messaging is not just a means of communication but a lifestyle in itself. At the moment WeChat is miles ahead of any other IM app in the world. Features such as message commerce, gaming platforms, official business accounts and many more have made it the go to app when it comes to all matters business and personal.

This year we are excited to be opening an office in Hong Kong where we will mostly be targeting WeChat users in South East Asia.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Facebook messenger

It’s been a rather interesting month for Facebook Messenger.
First, they launched their very first music integration with Spotify.

Always wanted to directly share a song you love with your friend as you chat ?

Well, this integration is just for you. Within Messenger’s Chat threads, iOs and Android users can now find the Spotify option which will direct them directly into Spotify’s app where they can “ Search for something to share ” . Once they have selected a song, artist or playlist. they’ll be directed back to Messenger with the option to share their selection with a friend .

Image Source: Tech Crunch

But perhaps, the biggest Messenger news came from a leaked document that surfaced towards the end of February. This document noted some major changes / additions that users of the app should expect to see within the coming months.

One of these changes is that businesses may soon be allowed to send ads directly to clients who have contacted them before. In a bid to make the ad system less intrusive, business can only send ads to clients who have initiated chat threads not the other way round.

There are also talks of a short message url feature that will directly open chat threads on Messenger once the user clinks this link on a Facebook Page.

As usual we’re one step ahead :) and we’d like you to be the same. In light of these rumored additions, we’ve come up with a few ways in which you can ensure your business attracts more customers on messenger . Read it here.


Now for a feature that we had long been waiting for, WhatsApp has finally introduced a documenting sharing option.

Users of the app can now send pdf documents from their internal storage, cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and others.

source : Androidauthority.net

Currently you can only send pdf docs, we hope to see more file types added in future but for now this a good start.

In line with WhatsApp’s earlier announcement to push more business oriented service on the app, a feature like this is slated to have immediate consumer - business benefits. Imagine sending documents such as menus, e-tickets, fliers , brochures and many more.

At Ongair, we are also working on incorporating this feature into our next release, and we shall notify you as soon as we do. PS * WhatsApp is back !

..Well that’s it for now, if you have any trends or features you’d like to discuss more about, hit us up in the comment section below.

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Featured Image source: Telegram