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Ongair Android App : Access your customers on the go!

Remember when we used to communicate the old fashioned way? Phone conversations, faxes, and even emails. In the recent past, Instant messaging apps have taken over these old modes of communication making it possible to reach out to people in seconds from the smartphones we carry everywhere.

Through our robust and easy to use Ongair dashboard, over 1500 businesses all around the world are able to manage all their instant messaging accounts from a single platform.

This month we are excited to release the Ongair Android app!!

Access your customers on the go!

The app aligns with our commitment to providing real-time and seamless instant messaging conversations to businesses with their customers.
Using the app you will be able to access and resolve all your instant messaging conversations on mobile.

Using the mobile app you will be able to:

Access and Resolve all your accounts messages.

Using the app, you can access, resolve, archive or delete unread, read and closed conversations.
For instance, using the Facebook page manager presents a number of challenges. First, it is difficult to assign conversations to different agents or teams where your page is handled by multiple people. Secondly, it's not possible to track progress in handling a customer's issues. These among other challenges will more often than not result to unintentionally "blue-ticked" customer conversations. The Ongair app however, provides your customer service teams with real-time notifications on messaging or newsfeed activity on the page ensuring that no activity goes unattended to.

Receive notifications for new messages

Receive and respond to direct messages across IM channels such as Messenger or Telegram.
For instance, you will receive notifications when a customer sends you a new message on Messenger or responds to your Facebook posts.

Manage your social media feeds

Using the app, you can seamlessly manage your Facebook page feed. The Facebook Feed Manager allows you to receive and respond to posts or comments on your Facebook page.

Multimedia Support

Using the app, you can send and receive both text and multimedia messages.

Interested in accessing you customers on the go?

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