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Ongair for Elitebet : Social media Engagement is Key

EliteBet is Kenya’s Premier Sports Betting company. Through their website, their customers access games which they can place bets on. Eliebet currently provide betting options for Football fans and are planning to expand into other sports such as Rugby and Tennis inorder to provide their customers with more options and flexibility.

We recently engaged with the Elitebet team to find out why they are using Ongair to provide Customer Support through Instant Messaging and here's what they had to share

Engagement is Key.

"We are committed to providing as many avenues as possible for clients to engage with us." Abner, EliteBet

Using Ongair, Elitebet is able to engage with their clients on Social Media channels and provide real-time Customer support. Through social media channels such as Facebook, Elitebet's clients can get more information and responses to all their queries.

"We have had great success in engaging with our clients on social media using Ongair."

Efficiency and fast responses

“Using the Ongair dashboard we can engage with our clients in the shortest time possible through social media since incoming messages are distributed to available agents.”

Before Elitebet begun to use Ongair to handle their customer relationships and communications, despite having a really fast growing Facebook page, engaging with the customers was cumbersome and disorderly resulting in double responses to client inquiries, missed customer queries as well as a lot of phone calls to the Customer support team.

“Through Ongair, we are able to engage with our clients in real-time and have become the most responsive Betting company in Kenya on Social media.”

Ongair Reports

Reports and analytics are a great way for you to understand your clients better as they provide you with relevant business insights that can help you predict high traffic times and resolve them more efficiently.

Through Ongair report, Elitebet is able to track the volumes of received and sent messages, total messaging reach and the Busiest day and Time periods.
“Internally, Ongair enables us to track agents’ productivity by providing information on each agent's number of assigned and resolved tickets and average resolution time. ”

Instant Messaging is growing and it’s definitely here to stay. It’s our goal to make sure that your business is able to harness the power of real time communication to revolutionize the way you talk to your customers.

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