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The very angry customer: How to diffuse a tense situation.

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"Mayday! Mayday! We have an angry caller on the line "

If you have had to handle an angry or upset customer, you know this is not one of the best situations to find yourself in.
Here's some tips that will ensure you are able to handle difficult situations without “breaking an unnecessary sweat”.

"The customer is king."
The customer is always right but that does not always mean all customers are easy to handle. Some are just rough and unruly while some have had an unpleasant experience and really just need to vent. Whatever the case, here’s four easy steps that will ensure you are able to detonate the anger-time bomb with as little collateral damage as possible:


Let the customer say their piece. Avoid the temptation to argue or try to talk over them. Listen actively and let them know you are listening. This not only builds their confidence in you and your ability to understand the situation but also builds a good rapport with them.

2.Serve empathy, hot.

Echo your customers’ frustration when they are done talking. Putting yourself into their shoes shows you understand the situation and their frustration which will calm a difficult customer down. Everyone has bad days, maybe today was theirs. We have all been there, haven’t we? Try to make their day better by being pleasant and this will also leave you feeling happy and fulfilled.

3.Lower your voice

“Don't raise your voice, improve your argument."
Desmond Tutu

Is the customer roaring in your ear? Start to speak more slowly and in a lower tone. Maintain a calm demeanor and clear mind despite the situation and the customers’ anger will begin to dissipate. In case they are abusive, take deep breathes and continue on as if you did not hear them. Responding in kind to negativity only escalates the situation. Remind the customer you are there to help and you are also their best immediate chance of having the problem resolved.

4.Summarize what will happen next

At the end of the conversation, let the customer know what to expect and where possible give timelines. Be sure to keep your word. Make sure the customer understands that:
•You care about resolving the issue
•You will keep going the extra mile until the issue is resolved.
•They determine what is right.