The toughie: 3 Tough customer service situations and how to handle them.

To better understand the helm of tough situations, we had a sit down with Lily Kisenga, our Customer Success Manager who shared three tough situations and how to best handle them.

Situation One: I don’t know

This will mostly happen when you are new in the role. A customer approaches you with an “off the customer service handbook” query and you involuntarily yet honestly say you have no idea on what they are talking about. Honesty is the best policy, but in some instances, the customer really doesn’t care.
You can, however, turn this situation around by focusing on the customers’ needs over your lack of information. This depicts that in spite of your inadequacies you are going the extra mile to find a solution.
“…thank you for your question, allow me to find that out for you right away.”

Situation Two: 404 error

The item is unavailable. This mostly happens in e-commerce. However unpleasant it feels to say that an item listed as available is no longer available, being smart about it ensures your customers are willing to wait till it is or take other recommendations as opposed to trying to get it elsewhere.
Focus on the solution.
“The blue dress in size 16 will be available next month. I can, however, place the order for you and ensure you get it as soon as it arrives.”

Situation 3: Broken, Defective or Wrong product.

Remember the excitement of receiving a new product or service?
When the customers’ expectation is not met, showing empathy goes a long way in ensuring you resolve the issue as soon as possible. Empathize with the customer and explain what the problem might be while also offering a clear solution.
Ensure that you:

•Actively try to identify the issue. For instance checking delivery notes could tell you if a delivery was delayed or not.

•Provide a quick and satisfactory solution by letting the customer know the available options towards resolving the issue.

•Apologize but do not blame anyone.