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We are two!

This month (26th May) we turned two!!
In these two years, we have experienced tremendous growth in Instant Messaging ranging from the increased creation and use of chatbots, the revolution in encryption of instant messaging, the inclusion of voice calling options as well as improved group chat features.
Users around the world are logging into messaging apps to not only chat with friends but also to connect with brands, browse merchandise, and watch content. What were once simple services for exchanging messages, pictures, videos, and GIFs have evolved into expansive ecosystems.
It's highly likely that, if you’re reading this you already have one or more messaging apps installed on your smartphone.These apps continue to revolutionise how businesses communicate with their customers.
In line with the continued global revolution in how businesses communicate with their customers, as we celebrate another year in business, we are even more confident that we will continue to provide you with real-time and seamless integrations to allow you to talk to your customers where they spend most of their time.

Looking back at our second year, here are some of the moments we are really excited and thankful for:

Over 1500 businesses worldwide across 45 countries have signed up to use Ongair.

When we first started Ongair, we only offered support for WhatsApp which was then the most popular and most widely used messaging app around the world. Since then we have seen great growth in Instant Messaging globally and a rising demand for a platform that allows businesses to have a more personalised, and efficient platform to keep in touch with their customers.

This is why we now offer to thousands of companies and individuals seamless and realitime integrations to WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Having also integrated with Zendesk and Freshdesk, the world leaders in web-based customer service solutions, our customers are able to receive and respond to Instant Messaging tickets via the Zendesk or Freshdesk dashboards.

“We’ve taken the best Customer Service platforms and connected them to the most popular chat platforms creating one centralized place where you can interact with your customers ” Trevor Kimenye, Ongair CEO.

New Dashboard

After months of building and design iterations, we also launched the new Ongair dashboard. Through the new dashboard, our customers now have access to faster and even better conversation management.

The new dashboard's features include a unified inbox with grouping options, enhanced reports and the Facebook feed manager through which you can manage your entire Facebook page.

Ongair mobile app

And we're not done yet. In June, we launch our mobile app making it easy for our customers to be more responsive even on the go.

The app extends our robust and easy to use dashboards' capabilities to your phone. This will give our customers worldwide the ability to access and resolve all instant messaging conversations on mobile and do so much more.

Interested in accessing your clients on mobile?
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Customer Service Bots

We have also built Facebook Messenger and Telegram Front-end AI powered customer service bots that provide more efficient customer support and self service. For instance, The Kenya Power Telegram bot allows customers to access their postpaid and prepaid power bills in seconds. Our Banking bots allow customers to access product and tariff guides, ATM or Agents locator as well as Personal Finance Management tips.

The Future

The future is always hard to predict. A year ago, Chatbots had just become mainstream, but experiences were largely frustrating. This year our biggest investments will be in Machine Learning to improve agent productivity. We believe the future of Customer Service and Engagement is in better collaboration between human agents and Artificial Intelligence, and are hard at work building this future.

No one smiles like we do, right?