We have launched a new Ongair dashboard

You’ve been upgraded to the latest version of Ongair
which provides a host of powerful features to help you conveniently manage your conversations from your instant messaging accounts better and faster on a single platform.

In the past few months, having taken into account your feedback we now offer a better, faster and improved version that is easier to navigate, offers better conversation management and improves the overall user experience.

The Unified Inbox

To better manage your conversations from channels such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat or Telegram, messages from all channels are now combined into one view for easy navigation. The unified view allows you to access in one page up to 50 of the most up to date conversations at any given time.
Unified Inbox

Filter Channels

You can now filter your conversations depending on the channel of preference. This makes it easier to specify what you want to view or read. For instance, you can view all the messages from the Telegram channel or all messages assigned to your account.
Filter Channels

New Features to look out for

Located at the top of the dashboard these options are available whenever you access your inbox or group messages. They allow you to perform group actions for easier access and managing of conversations.
Here’s how they work

Star: Some conversations are more important than others. Rather than scrolling back through the entire list of conversations you can now star important ones for easy access later.

Archive: Archiving conversations allows you to hide conversations from your conversations screen. The messages are not deleted but simply organized to your preference and can be retrieved in the future by selecting the Archived conversations.

Assign: You can now assign different messages to different users or agents in your channels. For example, a sales enquiry can be assigned to agents on the sales team.

Customer Profile Builder: The profile option allows you to build up on your customers’ profiles by adding Customer information or internal notes or tags concerning specific customers. This provides relevant and important information to your users for future references.
Customer Profile

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