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Getting started with WeChat Connect

WeChat connect for Zendesk allows you to seamlessly integrate WeChat®️ messages into your Zendesk work flow. In addition to Email and other traditional channels, you can now easily reach your customers on Wechat without leaving Zendesk.

More and more of your customers are spending time on Wechat and other Instant Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.The WeChat connect app enables you to join in on the conversation too and from the place where you already handle most of your support conversations … your Zendesk Dashboard

How does it work ?

Wechat connect converts your WeChat®️ conversations into tickets on Zendesk and lets you manage them just as you would normal tickets from other channels.

Your agents will be able to reply to customers from Zendesk straight into Wechat. Your Zendesk workflow will not change, you can apply Macros, Close tickets, Assign conversations to different agents and use any of Zendesks full feature set.

Let's get started

1. Find the WeChat Connect app in your Zendesk account.

Next, Go to Admin > Channels > Channel Integrations then select WeChat Connect.

2. Log into your WeChat Admin page

Note: You have to be an admin on WeChat to integrate with Ongair.

3. On WeChat Connect, select add account.

4. Copy the details from your WeChat Official Admin Platform and click next.

5. Copy the URL and token into the Server settings section.

While here, ensure that you randomly generate the EncodingAESKey and set the En-/Decryption methods to plain text.

6.Save and finalise on the app.

Great! Now you are all set to use Ongair's WeChat Connect app.

If you experience any difficulties connecting or using the app, we'd be happy to help just send us an email to hello@ongair.im

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