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Have you ever encountered the following situation?

You're reading an article on your mobile phone that you find interesting and you would like to recommend it to a friend. Problem is, that friend isn't on Facebook or Twitter (Rare I know), but that friend happens to be on WhatsApp. What do you do?

Easy. You just scroll up to the navigation bar on your browser, figure out to copy the link, open WhatsApp, search for your contact, paste the link and hit send.

Now, what if you could do, this...

Example of Buzz Feed Image

With a single button, you could open WhatsApp on your phone, select the contact and hit send. The title to the article can even be pre-populated so you don't have to explain what the article is about.

Introducing WhaterJS...

WhaterJS is an Open Source simple library for adding a Share on WhatsApp button. Check out the code here... https://github.com/kimenye/whaterjs

Last year the online news site Buzz Feed experimented with a WhatsApp share button and the results were interesting.

More people clicked the WhatsApp share button that the share on twitter button (Read more here)

There will be four options for different WhatsApp share buttons.

Sample Share Buttons