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Love Data? New Ongair Analytics

As you know, we recently launched a new version of Ongair.
We believe that a deep understanding of people, and how they interact with your business is the key to driving growth.
That's why we're so excited about our new advanced reports and analytics feature. The Ongair reports provide real-time insights into interactions with your customers and allow you to measure your responsiveness and get deeper insights on your customers.

Here's what you will now experience when using the Reports:

Conversation Analytics

Get insights about your incoming and outgoing messages volume. Through the overview, you can now measure your responsiveness to clients messages through detailed conversation analytics which allow you to compare key customer support metrics for different time periods such as the Number of received and sent messages, Total messaging reach and the Busiest day and Time periods.

The leaderboard

Get accurate insights on every agent's performance in relation to assigned tickets by viewing a count of open or resolved tickets, replies and their Average resolution time.

Tag Analytics

Tags are simply words you use to add more context to conversations. For instance, you can tag all sales inquiries with a tag 'sales'.

The Tag report provides a report to track all tagged requests by the frequency of different kind of messages i.e: queries, complaints by the number of conversations and the average response times for each tag.
In the example below, different messages are tagged by the color of the requested product, this way the company knows what product color is most requested at any given time.

Customers Report

Understand your customers better through the Customers Report.This provides an overview of customers served at a given time period by the number of messages sent and received as well as the average response times and the number of closed and open tickets.

We love to hear from you, do share your thoughts on our new analytics feature as well as the new dashboard.

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