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Whatsapp & the #HelloChallenge

A month ago, award winning singer Adele released the hit song Hello from her third upcoming album, 25. The track was an instant hit worldwide with its music video receiving a record 27.7 million views within the first 24 hours. The song which revolves around a lost lover’s nostalgia and regret plays out like a conversation …….which is where the HelloChallenge came in.

Now the internet is a constantly amusing place, with the occasional cat video, or the talking orange someone is always looking for a new way to entertain. And this time the league of internet trolls and jesters did not disappoint.

In what was famously termed the #HelloChallenge social media users would text their ex-boyfriends/girlfriends the lyrics to the song in the pretext of having a conversation. The lyrics read……

It’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet
to go over everything
They say time is supposed to heal ya but I ain’t done much healing
Can you hear me?
Am in California dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger and free

Most of the challenges were carried out on Whatsapp and users would then go on and post screenshots of their conversations under the #HelloChallenge hashtag. In a most amusing turn of events, some of the conversations went as planned, some of the responses took and unexpected turn and some were just flat out hilarious.

People texted their exes, parents, with some even going as far as texting their cab drivers. One was lucky if they were able to complete the lines before the other party realized what it was about.

Here are some of the funniest responses we came across...






We reckon there should be a corporate version of the challenge that businesses could use to reach out to their lost/disappointed clients. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to come up with one, but let’s just say that’s in the pipeline for now.