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How to integrate your Zendesk account with Ongair.

10 months ago, we launched our Zendesk + Ongair Inegration which provided a much needed, seamless integration between the two services .

Although the integration worked properly, the process of doing so was tedious and had many loopholes. So we decided to come up with a quicker and hassle free way, for our clients to integrate their Zendesk and Ongair accounts.

Here's how to do it in 5 easy steps:

1.Select the Zendesk Integration

On your Ongair dashboard. Go to Settings > Manage Integrations > Integrate Zendesk

2.Configure your Zendesk

A ) Enter your Zendesk subdomain.

Pleases Note: if your subdomain is yourcompany.zendesk.com. .Enter yourcomany in the input field shown.

B ) Customize the auto responder

Once a new ticket is created, your clients will immediately recieve an Auto Responder with the customized response you choose to set.

e.g Thank you for contacting us. Your Ticker number {{ticket_id}} will be attended to shortly

C)Set Ticker end status

Choose to mark the end of a ticket as either ' Closed ' or ' Solved '. The option you choose will determine whether a new ticket is created after it is set.

3.Login to your Zendesk account

Note: Only an admin email address can be used to complete the setup

4. Authorize the Ongair Application

Click allow

5. Try it out

Now that you've successfully integrated your Zendesk account with Ongair, test it out by sending your official account a message and then check your Zendesk account to see if you can view the ticket.

Having any troubles setting up your account ?. Send us an email at hello@ongair.im and we'll get back to you.