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4 Reasons why you need to know your business’ Net Promoter Score

Ever thought of how your customers react to your services? On the flip side, as a customer, received a text message asking you whether you would recommend a business to a friend or colleague? That is a Net Promoter Score (NPS). An NPS measures customer experience and predicts business growth.

It is measured using the answer to a question with a 0-10 scale as follows:


a. Promoters (Score 9-10)- These are responders who love your product or service. They are likely to recommend your business to others through word of mouth. You have your repeat customers here, and it shows that there’s something you are doing right that you should keep on doing.

b. Passives (Score 7-8)- These customers buy your goods or services, but are not as enthusiastic about being evangelists for your brand. Should they get a better offer from your competitors, they would switch to the better offering.

C. Detractors (Score 1-6)- They are not so thrilled about your services and would probably not purchase again from your business. These customers have the potential of ruining your business’ image through word of mouth.

You calculate the Net Promoter Score by subtracting the percentage of detractors from that of promoters. The resultant score is between -100 and 100, and this is the NPS.


Why should you care?

  1. Losing customers to your competitors is as easy as the next bad experience- 49% of customers switch to your competitors because they feel unappreciated. 37% will shift because of an unhelpful or rude staff from your business.
  2. Positive experiences lead to customer loyalty- 70% of your customers would return after a pleasant experience with your business. 65% would recommend your company to others.
  3. Quality customer service determines Customer Lifetime Value- According to Zendesk, 89% of customers say that a quick response to an initial inquiry influences their buying decision.
  4. Happy customers don’t mind paying more for excellent service- Gladly reports that 68% of customers would pay more to a business that offers excellent service.

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