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5 Instant Messaging Bots you should be using.

Last week we featured Paul’s bot , by Paul Njoroge who built a cool, resume bot instead of sending out a long boring CV. Today we’d like to feature 5 Instant Messaging bots that are either taking the world by storm or could greatly ease some of your day to day activities.

From Messenger to Telegram, News agencies to Airlines, we bring you some of today’s must have bots.

Copa America bot - Euro 2016.

With the Euro 2016 championship underway, getting access to the latest news and fixtures is important to millions of fans all around the world.

To help provide an instant, consistent and up to date communication stream, Copa90 has created a Facebook Messenger chat bot that serves as the ultimate Euro 2016 guide.

Source: Copa90

As with all other bots, the Copa90 bot is interactive and responds to a user request. Users can ask the chatbot for animated updates on latest goals, line-ups and player profiles. The bot also displays editorial content and news pulled from various football magazines and partner publications.

“ A generation is growing up wanting satisfaction on demand...We’re ensuring that we can be the perfect football accompaniment to this behavior, providing key content as and when our audience need it.” James Kirkham, Head of Copa90.

To follow the bot, simply search for 'Copa90' on Messenger or click on this link

Kenya Power Bot - Telegram Bot.

In a first for any Kenyan large-scale utility provider, the Kenya Power lighting company launched a Telegram bot to help customers access their postpaid and prepaid billing history in an instant.

The bot which is easy to find and use, is a cheap and faster way for customers to access bills that were previously a headache to access. No need to wait for your monthly bill to be sent by post or use SMS shortcodes that will prove to be more expensive.

Simply download Telegram, Search for Kenya Power bot, follow the steps provided here and you’re good to go.

Zuku Fiber bot

Shortly after Kenya Power launched their bot, Internet Service provider Zuku also launched a bot that enables customers to access their bills and payment history through Telegram.

Unlike the Kenya Power bot, The Zuku bot does not ask for your account number every time you send a query, instead, you input your account number the first time you interact with the bot and it is saved and used during any subsequent interactions.

To access the Zuku bot, you can follow the instructions outlined here

Tech-Crunch bot

One of the earliest and probably best adopters of Instant Messaging bots so far are news websites and content publishers. Several major publications have in the past few months launched bots to deliver news and updates to their readers all over the world.

From CNN to Quartz and BBC, news is become increasingly accessible to millions of readers.

And it’s not just the ability to receive news updates that makes news bots so amazing, it’s the ability to receive cross-platform, personalized updates, specifically tailored to your interests.

We chose to feature Tech-Crunch as one of today's must have bots, it’s an excellent source of info on the tech world and let's be honest we love being up-to date with current trends in the tech industry.

Source: TechCrunch

“ There’s a personalization element right from the start that’s connected to your behavior on our website. If there are certain types of articles that you read more frequently on TechCrunch.com, we’ll use this data to serve up recommendations from within the bot. ” - Tech Crunch.

PS: Tech-Crunch have both a Telegram and Facebook Messenger bot that you can read more about here and here respectively.

KLM bot:

KLM was the first airline to launch a bot on Facebook Messenger. Shortly after this year’s F8 conference, Facebook announced

“ We're proud to announce our first airline partner for Messenger, KLM! With this integration, you can receive your KLM flight confirmation message, access your KLM boarding pass, receive check-in reminders, get flight status updates, and have your customer service questions answered, right from Messenger." - Facebook

The ability to receive all this information on your phone greatly eases the strains of modern day air travel. The centralized and quick ability to have customer service questions answered is also a relief for many a traveler.

"This is one that I've been personally eager to solve for a while Removing stress, and complication from air travel." Dave Marcus, - VP, Messaging Products, Facebook

Source: Messenger

In the near future we are likely to see more airlines launch their own Facebook Messenger bots . In the meantime however, you can find out more about the KLM bot here .

There are plenty of awesome messaging bots out there that we haven’t featured in full here. Like SpinIM a multi platform chat bot that lets users of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WeChat chat with each other anonymously or Poncho a fun to use weather chat bot that gives you weather updates in a fun, friendly, personalized manner.

Are there any bots you enjoy using ? Do let us know in the comment section below, We’d love to hear all about them. :)