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5 reasons why Ongair is your best in pick in the Instant Messaging game.

Would you believe, it’s been more than 20 years of Instant Messaging ? What started as basic command - line messaging has today evolved into one of the most essential tools of the digital age.

As we celebrate the strides in IM for personal communication, Instant Messaging for business is a different kettle of fish.

As a field, it remains relatively new, so as you would imagine, we’ve had to chart our own path through “dangerous”, uncharted territory.

But don’t you worry, this herculean tale has a happy ending. We’ve enjoyed being a forerunner in this IM for business space. We’ve had highs and lows but the one thing that’s remained constant through it all is our belief in the power of Instant Messaging to transform businesses all around the world.

So why should you choose Ongair ? Well, they're probably hundreds of reasons why, honestly speaking you'd be spoilt for choice :) And we don't really mean to blow our own trumpets but if we were, here's what we'd probably say...

1. Wide selection of apps to choose from.

With different Instant Messaging channels up our sleeve and more set to come soon, we offer you the best multi-channel, multi-account, multi-agent integration there is today.

Mix, match and work with the IM channels that suit you best. You can choose between Telegram, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and have as many accounts as you would like.

This especially comes in handy when you have customers from different regions who use different apps or when you have one or more phone numbers / accounts responding to different issues etc.

2. Best reports and analytics

We understand that chatting with your customers is not just about communicating with them, it’s about understanding them. Which is why our built in reports and analytics generator provides you with all the relevant data and insights that you can need to serve your customers better. Predict your peak times, analyse your keywords and even track your agent’s performance.

You don’t have to use any third-party applications or plugins to generate these analytics, all these features can be found on your dashboard at no extra cost.

3. Integrates with leading CRM tools.

Ongair allows you to integrate with other industry leading CRM tools. You don’t have to stop using the tools you love just because you’re using Instant Messaging. Keep the conversations going by seamlessly adding Instant Messaging into your current workflow.

Available integrations include Zendesk and Freshdesk with Salesforce come soon.

4. Tailored Solutions custom made just for you.

Every now and then you’re bound to have this brilliant idea but you wonder whether you can really implement it. Well, when it comes to us, ideas are the petrol that ignites the flame. We love coming up with new ideas specifically tailored to suit your business.

Some of our previous tailored solutions include a WhatsApp bot for the Share A Coke campaign, a messaging based app for BBC news and a interactive bot for a Heineken campaign.

In addition we have our very own Custom API that we can use to best solve your solution.

5. Because..Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is growing and it’s definitely here to stay. It’s our goal to make sure that your business is able to harness the power of real time communication to revolutionize the way you talk to your customers.