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What can you do in a year ? Well, let’s just say a lot... and in our case this includes everything from global expansion to new coffee machine filters.

We celebrated our first birthday yesterday ( 26th May ) and aside from the cake ( or the scramble for it ) It was also a day to reminisce on how it all begun and thank all those who have been with us from the very beginning.

Some of our favorite highlights this past year include:

Scaling into Hong Kong :

In March we opened our first international office in Hong Kong, thanks to a round of funding that we closed late last year.

One of the main reasons for choosing Hong Kong as our HQ, is the high penetration rate for Instant Messaging in the country... Read all about it here

Being Nominated for the Blog Awards Kenya.

If before we weren't sure how much you love our blog, after this we definitely were.. .In March we were nominated in the Best Corporate Blog category in the Kenya Blog Awards.

Although we didn’t win, it was great to see all the love and appreciation shown for our work. Maybe next year we shall clinch the title, but until then we will keep giving you fresh, relevant content on industry trends and product updates.


Launching Telegram, WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

When we first started Ongair, we only offered support for WhatsApp because it was the most popular and most widely used messaging app around the world. Even though it still is, we realised that there was immense potential in other messaging apps which are starting to gain ground and grow their user base in different countries all around the world.

Within a period of four months we begun offering support for Telegram, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. Making us the biggest Instant Messaging aggregator in the world .

In the next year we hope to add more apps to the suit including: Line and Viber.

Stick around for more updates on this.

There were also a couple of Rockstar moments for our team members ….

That time when.....

1.Our CEO Trevor Kimenye was one of the panelists at the #WhatsNextMedia Series, a panel discussion on how Tech is disrupting the media industry. The turnout was fantastic and we had a really good time interacting with industry leaders from around the country.

  1. Martin and Michael ( our backend and frontend designers) - launched the fresh looking Facebook Messenger page that the team and the clients really loved.

  2. Mboya and Daniel ( our developers ) worked on a new version of our Reports and Analytics generator.

The Ongair Team

#######We look forward to another exciting year, full of lots of updates and new exciting features. We also plan to launch a stand-alone Zendesk App soon.

All in all, we’re very excited about the trends in the industry and the growing need and validation for Instant Messaging in business. To all our clients thank you for taking this journey with us and to all our potential clients, “ Welcome to the club ".