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Case Study: Providing Great Customer Service

I hope you and your teams are keeping well and safe and supporting your customers during these trying times. Today we’re highlighting one of our customers who use Ongair to provide great customer service in the midst of this pandemic.

Kopo Kopo was launched in 2012 and they make it simpler for businesses to succeed. They do this by helping businesses easily accept digital payments while providing access to credit and business tools.

We caught up with Ms. Philes Atandi, the head of Customer Experience at Kopo Kopo to share some insights on how their customer support has changed since working with Ongair.

When did you start using Ongair?
We’ve been using Ongair for 9 months.

What channels have you connected to Ongair?
WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and Twitter.

WhatsApp Announcement

A Facebook post announcing the availability of on support on WhatsApp

Why were you interested in using Ongair?
We wanted to connect with customers on the channels they prefer and are familiar with.

What impact have you seen since providing support on these channels?
We’ve seen a 60% increase in the number of requests we’re getting which is remarkable.

What has been the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on your business in terms of supporting your customers?
Our work plan to support our customers remains the same. We have suspended office visits, therefore, Ongair is fundamental in allowing us to send digital materials/documents to our clients. We are also able to use Ongair to broadcast messages to our customers in case of any system downtime.

It’s been a pleasure working with companies like Kopo Kopo and many more who are working from home yet maintaining great customer service levels. We’ve previously shared some tips on our blog on how to keep providing great support. It’s well worth a read if you haven’t already gone over it. If you would like to schedule a demo call with someone on our team to learn more about how Ongair can help during this time, you can book one here.