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Getting to Know Ongair, Meet Kinya - Head of Operations

We’re a pretty small team at Ongair and given that we spend most of our time in each other's faces, we’ve gotten to know one another pretty well. So we thought it would be good if you got to know us too.

Today we will be speaking to our Head of Projects and Operations, Kinya. If you’ve gotten in touch with us before, you’ve probably interacted with her, she’s the person making sure that all our clients ( and potential clients ) are well attended to.

When she’s not writing songs, or swimming with Whale Sharks ( we’ll get to this later ) she’s managing client relations and pitching Ongair to innovative businesses from all over the world.


I got to know about Ongair from a former colleague who introduced me to the founders and recommended me for the job.

Soon after, I met up with the two founders ( Trevor and Charles ) and I was immediately drawn by their unique take on things and the vision they had for their company.

I felt that I needed to find work that I loved that was not just for money but that added value to my society as well as enhanced my personal growth and development, and Ongair fit the bill.


As the Head of Projects and Operations, I see to it that the company is running smoothly as well as coordinate our penetration into new markets, e.g Hong Kong. I also assist with managing key client accounts across the World.

Kinya at the 8th Sankalp Global summit in Mumbai , 2016

The good the bad and the ugly....


The best part about it is: Communicating with clients. I enjoy bringing in business and managing the relationships between the Company and the customers. When we add value to our clients and keep them happy and excited to use Ongair to streamline their customer service, I’m excited and very pleased.

Worst part about it is: Start Ups are filled with many ups and downs .I’m pretty much challenged when we are unable to fix system issues promptly, due to third parties or elements beyond our control. I’m always seeking a balance that will keep our clients pleased despite the recurrent issues.


  1. I’ve become more Tech savvy. I've learnt a lot of new systems and apps to help streamline work processes as well as communication.

  2. I’ve also learnt a lot about Entrepreneurship and hope to become one myself, one day. Our team works very hard and the path is not an easy one. When results are achieved it is highly rewarding and satisfying.

  3. You never stop learning, everyday is an opportunity to grow and learn something new.

Now to the Whale Sharks.....


I’m a musician and I used to be in a band while I was in university. I am also a bonafide traveller and I love engaging people and volunteering in my free time.

I currently help with the Sauti Academy outreach program and I also started a project called Real Conversations for young people to talk about the challenges they face and come up with long lasting solutions.

I’ve also lived and worked/volunteered in Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and Belgium. While in University in Kenya, I joined AIESEC and Rotaract and the experiences I had enabled me to gain a lot of self awareness, leadership skills and exposure through travel.

From Hong Kong To Mumbai and everywhere in between.

Fun facts :

1. I’ve been to over 24 Countries in the past 7 years and I hope to visit all the Countries of the World in my lifetime.

2. I’ve also swam with Whale Sharks in Cebu, Philippines. This was a very scary but exciting experience :)

Personal mantra

Just do it. Live life, don’t just exist. Live a full life with with no regrets and be present. Today is all that we have. The past is gone and the future is uncertain.


Now you know Kinya, next time you talk to her, you might want to ask her:

1.How it really feels to swim with sharks.

2.How Ongair will revolutionize the way you talk to your customers.

( But not necessarily in that order :) ).

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