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How to increase your productivity in 2020 as a customer-facing team

Every so often, customer-facing teams need to go back to the drawing board to check what works and what does not. Doing this ensures an increase in productivity and excellence of customer service strategies. As we have established before, customers are the main assets of every business.

Here are some tips to ensure you maximise the productivity of your team. Here are a few of them:

Use questions to know your customers. Only through questions will you determine your customers' needs, qualify viable leads and move leads along the sales process.
Allocate tasks to your customer service team according to their strengths. To maximize your team's potential and efficiency, you should identify their different skills. Your team should have a skill balance. Skills diversity come in handy as customers move along the sales funnel and eventually end up as a closed lead.

Identify repetitive tasks and automate them. Task automation helps you focus on more important tasks, saving the time needed for customer interaction. An example of a repetitive task is having an FAQ list with their responses - Frequently Asked Questions- to speed the customer service process.

Include AI (Artificial Intelligence) in your customer service strategy. Chatbots are useful as virtual customer service agents. The use of chatbots reduces the turnaround time and ensures the nurturing of every potential lead.

Maximise the use of email marketing. Email marketing is one of the low-hanging fruits to marketing teams. There are different emails you can send depending on the stage of a customer in a sales process. Examples are customer engagement emails- these could be sharing customer stories, welcome emails, product tutorials; Re-engagement emails or Transactional emails. We will talk about emails in a later post.

Get a good Customer Relationship Management software. CRM software like Ongair helps customer-facing teams talk to their customers on different social channels in a central dashboard. Teams have the advantage of collecting data to help in improving their customer care or sales strategy.

Why don't you create your free trial account and see how it works? You can also talk to us on hello@ongair.im for advice on a package that suits your business needs.