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How to manage your contacts on Ongair

Using IM for business provides a great opportunity for you to talk your customers on a personal and real-time basis. However, as a business, it is important to acknowledge that you are entering a very personal space. This is where your customers talk to their friends and family and have their most meaningful and intimate conversations, hence it is necessary to respect that.

When building and designing Ongair, we kept this key factor in mind and the way we have structured our system, helps us achieve a level of privacy for both the business and the consumer.

Today we’d like to answer a couple of questions regarding how you can manage your Ongair contacts and what exactly you can do with them.

1. After signing - up on Ongair how do I get started ?

Publicizing your account is the first and probably the most important step after you sign up on Ongair. It’s all about sharing your account details (e.g your WhatsApp number, Telegram bot, WeChat ID etc ) and getting you clients to message you first.

When a customer messages you for the first time, their contact is automatically saved to your contact list and you can now talk to them freely.( i.e either of you can initiate a conversation)

Read our quick and handy guide on how you can start sharing your account today.

2. How do I add contacts ?

Alternatively, you can choose to manually add your contacts in either of the 3 ways.

A).Add a single contact

Type out contacts one by one. To do this, just login into your dashboard, click on Contacts then click on Add a Contact.

B). Upload bulk contacts

If you have a separate file containing a list of all your contacts. You can also upload it directly onto the Ongair system. The accepted file types include. .xls, xlsx, csv, & vcard . In case you are not sure of how these files should be structured, you can download some samples from your dashboard and edit your files to fit the samples.

C).Import contacts from gmail

If you have stored your contacts on gmail, you can import them directly onto Ongair, simply by clicking on import contacts and following the steps that appear.

3.Why can’t I click on a contact ?

Once you have imported, uploaded or added a contact. You may notice that it is not possible to click on a contact in order to message that particular customer.

Then how can I message a customer ?

If you would like to message a customer, head on over to your inbox, search for your previous conversation with them, type out your message and hit reply.

Remember, this all goes back to how well you publicize your account, when a client messages you first, their number is automatically added to your contact list and the conversation added to your inbox.

Note: If you have no previous message with them, they will have to message you first. However, you may be able to edit contacts from your dashboard or tell whether or not a number is online.

4.So what exactly can I do with my contact list ?

When it comes to your Ongair contact list there's a lot you can do. For starters, you can segment your contacts into different groups / categories and message these groups separately.

  1. You can add groups .

  2. You can create distribution lists .

  3. You can send out broadcasts .

The instructions on our user manual provide you with a step by step guide on how you can perform the above actions. Read the full version (https://ongair.gitbooks.io/ongair-user-manual/content/)

5.Can I export contacts ?

Yes you can. In the event that you want to export your Ongair contacts into a seperate file. Simply login to your dashboard, On the top, right hand of your dashboard, click on the ' Export' option, choose whether you want to download your contacts as a csv, or xls file.

Once selected, the file will be automatically downloaded onto your machine.

We hope this article gives you a clearer picture of how to manage your Ongair contacts. For more tips on Instant Messaging etiquette check out:

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If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.