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Getting Started: How to publicize your Ongair Account

So you’ve signed-up on Ongair, added an Instant Messaging channel and now you’re wondering what’s next ?

Well, today we’d like to help you answer that question but before we begin here are a few points you should note:

1. We have a strong no-spamming policy here at Ongair .

Not only does it guarantee the privacy of the user, it also ensures that your number does not get blocked ( i.e in the case of WhatsApp).

2.To avoid spamming we highly recommend that customers message you first.

That way the conversation is started by them and they have opted to contact you...once the first message is sent by your customer you can now communicate freely.

#######...Let’s get right to it….


Getting your users to contact you is all about publicizing your account and sharing the unique (number or name ) that your customers can reach you through.

Depending on the Ongair account you have created you can either have the following details:

  1. A phone number - WhatsApp

  2. Bot name - Telegram

  3. WeChat ID - WeChat .

  4. Page Name - Facebook Messenger.

Once you have these details you can choose to share them in a variety of ways as demonstrated below:


Share your contact details on your website : Wherever you prefer , it could be your home page , your contact page , your footer etc..

Our friends at Travel Homie are a perfect example of how to do this. Check out their website and the fantastic way in which they have shared details to their WhatsApp account .

Image courtesy of TRAVEL HOMIE, GERMANY


Social media is a great way to reach your customers. Take advantage of social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share details of your Ongair account.

In the example below, the company has shared their WhatsApp details with a customer through twitter:

You can also share images with these same details: ![](/content/images/2016/05/JAMBOPAY.png) Image courtesy : JAMBO PAY, KENYA


In case you advertise on print media , radio, TV, or online ads, you can include the details of your contact numbers and accounts within the ad.


Add your Ongair contact details to your email signatures and encourage your customers to reach you through them..

Ongair example...

We encourage you to use any or all of the methods above. The more your clients reach out to you, the better.

After the first interaction, your customer's number is saved to your contact list and you can communicate with them freely after that ( i.e you too can initiate a conversation ).

Once you've set up your account , try this out and let us know what you think.

Reach us on:

1. Whatsapp: +254 770 381 185:
2. WeChat: ongairim
3. Telegram: OngairBot
4. FaceBook Messenger : Ongair

See what we did there :) ?