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How to use the new Ongair Reports and Analytics.

Reports and analytics are a great way for you to understand your clients better. They provide you with relevant business insights that can help you predict high traffic times and resolve them quicker.

At Ongair we absolutely love playing with numbers, it’s a love data, crunch data kind of relationship.

So we recently launched a new version of our Reports and analytics generator that contains a range of new, exciting features to help you, help your clients better.


First you'll need to login to your Ongair dashboard. On the context menu on your left select the ‘ Reports ‘ option.

LET’S BEGIN..The Reports section is divided into 4 main parts:


The overview section contains a chart, displaying the volume of your incoming vs outgoing messages ..

This section provides an excellent comparison of the volume of messages sent and received per day, per month or per week.

At the bottom of the page you can also find a cumulative figure displaying the total number of messages sent and the total number of people reached. ( Within the set period ).


**The hourly heat map shows you your busiest hours of the day. The stronger the shade of the color, the busier the hour.


Well, it also shows you, When is NOT the time to take a coffee or lunch break.

Hovering over the hour displays the number of messages sent at that particular hour of that particular day.


Wouldn’t it be great to know which words your customers use most. Well, our new WordCloud feature does just that .

The cloud chart displays a daily account of your customers' most frequently used terms. The bigger the word, the more times frequently it is used.

This could provide valuable insight into your most frequent issues and problems. For example if the word sign-up appears many times it could possibly indicate a problem with your sign up process.


The leader board is a great way to track each of your agent's perfomance.

It displays each of your agents' accounts alongside the number of tickets each of them resolved, opened or closed.

You can choose to filter the dates per day, week, month or as per a custom period of your choice.

Using these reports and analytics features is pretty easy. But if you encounter any difficulties in doing so, do let us know at hello@ongair.im and we'll help you out.

Now head on over to your Ongair dashboard and get crunching.