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Introducing WhatsApp on Zendesk

When compared to email and phone, live chat has the highest customer satisfaction rates 71%. It all has to do with speed and how quickly your enquires are answered. Here's a tale of a personal experience...

A few months ago, I had booked a double room at Langi Langi Beach Bungalows one of the best and most affordable hotels in Zanzibar. Two days before I was due to check in the property manager sent me this email.

Your booking at Langi Langi

It went straight to my SPAM. For some weird reason I happened to check out my SPAM folder and saw this mail. I wasn't too keen on a twin room, so off I went. His signature stated that he was in Dubai, so calling him when I was already roaming was out of the question.

I don't want a twin room

Then 4 minutes later...

Cancellation policy?

In between this limbo - where will I find alternative accomodation on such short notice - I was on WhatsApp updating my partner who was still in Kenya at that time. She'd taken a look at the site and the twin rooms weren't bad at all...

Twin Room is fine

40 minutes later, a confused (due to my erratic mails) property manager gets back to me.


7 minutes later.


In case you're curious, both the room and our stay was amazing. The conversation that started on the 7th of Jan was concluded on the 9th.

Despite being on holiday, I couldn't help but think about how this would have been different with WhatsApp. Emails can get clunky. All I had to do is change the subject and you instantly lose the threaded context. Also, there's no way Sajid would have known his email went to SPAM.

WhatsApp on the other hand, feels more immediate. Those green and blue ticks provide instant feedback.
Send, Received, Read (and Ignored)

As I thought about the strengths of Email, and the great customer service platforms out there like Zendesk, the answer was clear. 3 months later, we're announcing the launch of Ongair for Zendesk.

This plugin allows you to receive tickets from your customers from WhatsApp. The same Zendesk interface, functionality that you love, with the speed, convenience of Instant Messaging. Try it out by signing up for Ongair today.