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Ongair Announces Zendesk Integration

Ongair, today announced a new platform that lets businesses communicate with their customers on their favorite Instant Messaging apps directly from the Zendesk customer service platform. Try it out today

Over 4 billion people use mobile-based Instant Messaging platforms, sending over 30B messages daily. It’s real-time, personal and allows you to send and receive images, videos, locations and so much more. Customers are 71% more satisfied with customer service via chat compared to email or calls.

Ongair is already in use worldwide as hundreds of companies have been able to give their customers immediate and personal attention via chat. Today we take this to the next level.

We’ve taken the best Customer Service platform and connected it to the most popular chat platform creating one centralized place where you can interact with your customers,” said Trevor Kimenye, Ongair CEO. “The platform allows customer service agents to simultaneously handle multiple chat sessions to quickly resolve customer issues.

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Ongair also announced a unique distribution partnership with CloudHop Ltd. CloudHop is a leading cloud solutions provider and the exclusive reseller of Zendesk in the Africa & Middle East region. “CloudHop is proud to partner with Ongair, enabling organizations to leverage technology to deliver great customer service. WhatsApp is arguably the most ubiquitous messaging platform, and now, companies can communicate with clients easily, right on their phones. CloudHop and Ongair are able to offer a single platform on which to deliver customer service, unifying social media and messaging channels, and dramatically improving the customer experience,” said Nadeem Noordin, the co-CEO of CloudHop. The cross-selling partnership allows businesses get local support for both world-class platforms.

You can learn more about Ongair & Zendesk here.

About Ongair

Ongair is a service that lets businesses large or small, utilize the power of Instant Messaging to reach and serve their customers. It is used for Customer Service, Marketing and E-Commerce. Ongair is built by Sprout – Nairobi’s Freshest Digital Agency. Sprout builds useful stuff from the Internet by bringing together Design, Technology, Business & Culture to deliver results.

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service platform. We bring organizations and customers closer together at a time when we believe the voice of the customer has never been more powerful. 52,000 paid customer accounts on its customer service platform and live chat software in more than 150 countries & territories offering support in 40+ languages. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Fransisco, Zendesk has operations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. Learn more at www.zendesk.com

About CloudHop
CloudHop founded in 2012 is a joint venture between Sumeria and The Copy Cat Group that specializes in end-to-end cloud integration, management of cloud applications, and ICT advisory services

To learn more about Ongair please contact

Phone: Trevor Kimenye / +254 705 866 564
Email: hello@ongair.im

To learn more about CloudHop & Zendesk please contact
Email: info@cloudhop.it

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