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Dedan Msafiri - Team Profile.

Meet Dedan Msafiri, an intern at Ongair. Dedan is a fourth-year BSc. Computer Science student, at Egerton University Njoro Campus. He has just finished his seven-week internship program. We had a chat with him on his internship experience.

If you would be a superhero would you be?

I would be V in the dystopian political thriller V for Vendetta for his epic language and how he dealt with corrupt politicians.

Why did you select Ongair for your internship?

Being a start-up I could gain more knowledge and hands-on experience. I like challenging projects, which are more likely to be found in a startup setting as opposed to a big organization with their systems in place.

What was the most challenging task you did at Ongair?

The most challenging task I have executed involved understanding the backend and connecting the frontend to the backend by implementing a delete list button. The delete functionality was important as it enabled Ongair Clients to do away with any list that they felt was not necessary. It is my belief that with its implementation clients won't have to worry about any lists which are not required in their application as they would be erased from the system.

I didn’t know how to implement it, but I went back to my books to research and figure out how to write the code.

What achievement are you most proud of from your internship?

I am proud of my understanding of new technologies and best practices that I was able to apply on the job. For example, how a CRM like Ongair was implemented, and containerization.

Something else that I look at with pride is my growth in the few weeks I have interacted with an actual workplace (Ongair is my first job). Through observing how people at Ongair interact, I was able to improve my communication and listening skills.

How would you describe the team you worked with at Ongair?

Ongair has a highly talented and friendly team that is quite humble in their work. Everyone is very serious with their work while in the office, and very easy going during team lunch. They are approachable and willing to help you adapt to the work environment.

I had to adapt to using communication tools like Slack to talk to people in the office. At first, it was strange to me because you are talking to someone who is right next to you on slack.

Who inspired you most at Ongair?

My greatest inspiration was my direct supervisor, Andrew. He has a seamless understanding of programming concepts. I aspire to reach his level of mastery.

Would you consider working at Ongair in the future?

Certainly, I would come back, because working for a startup is more challenging and has room for growth. I believe that I could still learn a lot.

I also believe that I owe Ongair for their help in increasing my understanding and showing me what is required in the outside world.