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Return to Work Plans for Customer Support teams

If like us you were late coming up with your Work From Home strategy, you’re most likely googling for return to work plans. As stay at home guidelines are relaxed around the world we've put together a few ideas to keep in mind in your plans to keep your customer service heros safe. Remember to consult your local and national goverment's and health department's guidance as you formulate your plan.

For a comprehensive guide on what to consider when planning a safe return to work for your team, here’s a guide developed by the International Labour Organization.

Social Distancing (Workstations)
Before your team returns to the office, ensure their workstations are Safe spacing and non sharing of workstations and equipment. Look into the workplace layout and implement changes to allow for physical distancing.

Shift work
Reducing the number of people physically in the space. Determine which workers should come first. Flexible working time such as staggered hours or shift work can be considered to limit congestion in the workplace.

Transport to and from the Workplace
If possible, encourage workers to avoid public transport, especially at peak times. For many this may not be possible so ensure your teammates follow the guidelines given by local authorities and transport companies.

Symptom Screening
Where possible implement some form of symptom screening such as temperature scans or signed declarations that reporting workers do not exhibit any of the known common symptoms of COVID-19. Consider extending sick leave days so as not to force workers who may exhibit symptoms from declaring and staying home.

Hygiene Measures
Hand hygiene is extremely important in the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Ensure that workers have facilities to wash their hands properly and regularly with soap and water. Ensure there is enough signage reminding everyone of hygiene measures to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Sanitising Work Equipment
Sharing work tools (computers, headsets and other acessories) between co-workers should be discouraged or prohibited. Ensure work tools are cleaned regularly (especially at the end of the shift, and before a tool will be used by another workers).

We hope these few measures are useful pointers as you plan for the new normal as you continue to keep your customers happy.