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Setting Up WeChat Connect on Zendesk

WeChat Connect is a simple app that lets your provide great customer support on WeChat via Zendesk. In this article, I'll walk you through the setup process as it has a few gotchas. Here's what you'll need:

  1. A WeChat official account
  2. A Zendesk account

1. Installing the WeChat Connect App

This is the first step in the process. The app is available on the Zendesk marketplace.


Once you have clicked the Buy, button you will be presented with a dialog prompting you to specify the Zendesk instance you will be installing to. Select and click Install.


2. Adding a Channel Integration

Once the app is installed, you need to add a WeChat channel as an integration. Navigate to Admin > Channel Integrations.


You'll be able to see the Apps you have installed that work with Channel Integrations. Click on WeChat Connect then select the Accounts tab.


Click on 'Add account'. A setup form is then displayed.


To complete this part of the setup, you will need access to the WeChat official account administration portal. You need to navigate to the Development Section > Basic Configuration.

Each of the fields required has a specific purpose, which I'll explain below.


This is a name to identify your WeChat channel. This helps to distinguish in case you have multiple WeChat accounts.

WeChat Id

This is the id of your WeChat account. This is what your users will search for to find your account in the WeChat app.

App Id (Developer Id)

App Id is a identifier for your Official Account when it accesses the API.

App Secret (Developer Password)

The App Secret is a password that is used in conjunction with the App Id. Note, this password is only displayed once, so make sure to copy it.


Message Encryption Key (EncodingAESKey)

This is a key that is used to decrypt messages from WeChat. This is used in conjunction with the Message Encryption mode setting. Note, if your account has a WeChat Menu, this need to be set 'Safe mode', otherwise you will lose your menu.


Once these fields have been set, click the activate field to proceed to the next step.

3. Finalizing the setup

The last step in this process is to point your WeChat official account to the WeChat Connect app. To do this, you need to copy some information from the setup page to your Official account administration page.



The API url needs to be copied and pasted in the 'Server Address' field on the WeChat administration page.

Client token

The Client url needs to be copied and pasted in the 'Token' field on the WeChat administration page.


IP Whitelist

If you want to take advantage of WeChat IP whitelisting, you need to add the following up addresses to the whitelist:, and Add each IP on it's own line as shown in the screenshot.


Once this has been set and saved. Click the Finalize button to complete the setup.

4. Testing

It's really easy to test out if the configuration worked. If you send a message to your Official Account, a ticket should be created in Zendesk. If you have any questions or need additional help, please reach out to us at hello@ongair.im.