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Setting up Telegram Connect on Freshdesk

Telegram Connect is an app by Ongair that allows you to manage communcation with your clients on Telegram via Freshdesk. In this guide, I'll help you get setup on Freshdesk and show you how to engage with your customers.

To begin, you will require:

  1. A Freshdesk account (using the new Mint UI)
  2. A Telegram bot (We will create one in this guide).
  3. Unique External ID addon enabled on your Freshdesk account *

* - This is an additional requirement required for this app to work properly. It is available by default on some plans. If unsure, please email Freshdesk support and request them to enable The Unique External Id feature on your Freshdesk account.

1. Installing the Telegram Connect App.

The app is available on the Fresdhesk market place. You need to be logged in using an administrator account. Navigate to the Settings page and click on Apps.

You will be redirected to the Apps page. From here, click 'Get More Apps'

This will take you to the Freshdesk market place. Search for the 'Telegram Connect' app to access the listing.


Click on 'Buy App' to add the app to your Freshdesk account.

2. Configuring your API Key

The first step in configuring the application is to enter your Freshdesk API key. Your API Key is available on your profile settings. It is easy to access this by clicking on the Top right icon to reveal a dropdown and then click on Profile Settings.


Your API key is available on the right hand side of your profile page.


Copy the Key and Navigate back to the Apps page. Click on the Gear icon on the Telegram Connect App.


This should open up the settings for the application. Paste the API key you copied in the previous step here and click Save at the bottom of the page.


3. Setting up your Telegram Bot

Your customers will be contacting you via a Telegram Bot. If you already have a Telegram bot you can skip this, but make sure your Authentication token is available. Here's a quick guide to creating a telegram bot.

Configuring your Bot

The Telegram Connect app is available as an app on the Sidebar. To view it, select any Ticket on your dashboard. There is also an App icon on the right most sidebar.


Expand the menu to display the configuration setting.


Paste the Bot Token and click 'CONNECT TELEGRAM' to connect the app.


If successful, the status of the app is displayed as connected.

Replying to your Customers

Once your bot is successfully configured, you can test it out by sending a test message ('Hello') to the Bot. If all has been set up correctly you should see a new ticket created.


In order to reply to the customer, you need to create a public note on the ticket, enter the message you wish to send and click 'Add Note'.
Ensure that you make the Note visible to the contact by making it Public.


And voila! The contact will receive the message in Telegram within moments. You can also send and receive images from your Customers via the app.

I hope you found this guide useful. If you have any challenges with getting this set up you can always reach us at hello@ongair.im, and we will be glad to assist.

Happy serving customers!