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The rise and rise of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has over 500M monthly active users. Users are also sharing 700M photos and 100M vidoes daily according to a statement released in late April 2014.

Even before the $19B FaceBook acquisition, WhatsApp was already the dominant media sharing platform for photos as can be seen from these stats from Bloomberg in November 2013.

Yes, almost equal to Facebook & Instagram combined! Which begs the question...

Where is all the Whatsapp Media saved?

According to the WhatsApp FAQ, messages are only kept for upto 30 days on their servers, if they are not delivered to the recipient. We've kept this in mind as we design Ongair and have generous limits as far as storage of media and messages are concerned.

Ongair has powerful media managment capabilities to help you organize, moderate and save incoming multimedia.

So fire up creative mind or check this blog for cool ideas on awesome multimedia driven campaigns you can run on WhatsApp.