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WeChat Connect Freshdesk Setup

WeChat Connect is an app by Ongair that let's you manage communication with your clients on WeChat via Freshdesk. There's over 800M WeChat users worldwide and this is a great way to provide customer support to your clients. In this guide, I will show you how to configure your Freshdesk to support WeChat.

To begin you will require:

  1. A Freshdesk account using the new Mint Ui
  2. An Official WeChat Service Account or Sandbox account with access to the admin interface.
  3. Unique External ID addon enabled on your Freshdesk account *

* - This is an additional requirement required for this app to work properly. It is available by default on some plans. If unsure, please email Freshdesk support and request them to enable The Unique External Id feature on your Freshdesk account.

1. Installing the WeChat Connect Application

The app is available on the Fresdhesk market place. You need to be logged in using an administrator account. Navigate to the Settings page and click on Apps.


You will be redirected to the Apps page. From here, click 'Get More Apps'


This will take you to the Freshdesk market place. Search for the 'WeChat Connect' app to access the listing.


Click on 'Buy App' to add the app to your Freshdesk account.

2. Configuring your API Key

The first step in configuring the application is to enter your Freshdesk API key. Your API Key is available on your profile settings. It is easy to access this by clicking on the Top right icon to reveal a dropdown and then click on Profile Settings.


Your API key is available on the right hand side of your profile page.


Copy the Key and Navigate back to the Apps page. Click on the Gear icon on the WeChat Connect App.


This should open up the settings for the application. Paste the API key you copied in the previous step here and click Save at the bottom of the page.


3. Setting up your WeChat Account

For this part of the guide, you need to have an Official WeChat account. If you don't have one you can apply here or use a Sandbox account.

Accessing the settings

The WeChat Connect app is available as an app on the Sidebar. To view it, select any Ticket on your dashboard. There is also an App icon on the right most sidebar.


To complete this part of the setup, you will need access to the WeChat official account administration portal. (Tip, if you are not a native Chinese speaker, use Google Translate while using the WeChat administration platform).


You will need to log in with your username and password. Then navigate to the Development Section > Basic Configuration.

Configuring WeChat for Freshdesk is a two step process, where we need some information from the WeChat administration portal and need to provide some information from Freshdesk to complete the setup.

3.1 Access the WeChat Connect App.

In order to continue, we need to access the WeChat connect app. It is available on the right sidebar of any Ticket page. You can also click on the green app icon on the right sidebar.


Expand the accordion to access the setting.


You should now be able to see a form requesting your WeChat details.

My Official Account

This is the name of your account. Use something descriptive.

WeChat ID

This is ID of your official account. This is what users search on their WeChat app to find your account

Account Type

Specify if your account is an official account or sandbox.

App Id

This is obtained from the WeChat administration portal page and is referred to as the Developer ID (screenshot below).

App Secret

This is obtained from the WeChat administration portal page and is referred to there as the Developer Password (screenshot below).


IP Whitelist

If you want to take advantage of WeChat IP whitelisting, you need to add the following up addresses to the whitelist:, and Add each IP on it's own line as shown in the screenshot.


Once those details have been copied from the WeChat Admin page to the Freshdesk app setup, click Connect. If successful, the app will return with a page containing additional configuration for the WeChat administration portal.


Two fields need to be copied from Freshdesk to the WeChat configuration page.



Copy the URL from Fresdhesk to the Server Address field


Copy the URL from Fresdhesk to the token field.

Click Finalize once you are done, and the app should return a page saying the WeChat account is currently connected.


That's it! Your WeChat account is now successfully connected to Freshdesk. All WeChat messages will now create a ticket in Zendesk. In order to reply, you will need to add a public note to the ticket.


If you have any challenges with setting this up, please reach out to us at hello@ongair.im for assistance.