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What's New! Late 2018 edition

It's December already, and 2019 is almost upon us. At Ongair, we're constantly working on improving Ongair and always glad to share some of the updates to make keeping your customers happy even easier.

Redacting Text

Redacting is a form of editing text to remove content that may be sensitive. On Ongair, it's now possible to edit text that a user has sent in to prevent saving of sensitive information.

In this example, an admin can delete the full credit card number, ensuring that this cannot be used maliciously. To do this, you need to select the text you want to redact, and then click the 'eye' icon.


This feature is only limited to Administrator users. You will also need to confirm this action, as it is not reversible.

Marking as Un-read

We've all done it before, clicked on a conversation when we weren't ready to handle it then completely forgot about it once it's marked as read. We've now included a quick and easily accessible button to mark any conversation as unread.


Click the 'mail' icon on the toolbar to mark a conversation as unread. Assigning a conversation to an agent now automatically also marks it as unread, so they can't miss it.

Blocking Contacts / SPAM

As messaging continues to grow as a consumer to business channel, it has unfortunately brought about an increase in unsolicited and even offensive messages. Just like your personal social media accounts, we've now made it possible to block and unblock contacts that send you such messages, so that your team can spend more time on real customer issues.


You can block / unblock a contact by clicking on the 'lock' icon in the contact sidebar when viewing a conversation. For as long as a contact is blocked, you will be unable to receive messages from them.

User Management

Managing a large team of agents using Ongair has been a bit difficult in the past. We have now made this easier with a major upgrade of the User management part of the settings.


Adding and removing a user from a channel is now really easy to do.

I hope you enjoy these updates, and if you have any suggestions of improvements we can make, feel free to reach out to us at hello@ongair.im or on the Live Chat.