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What's New? Early 2020 Edition...


We’re now well into the second month of 2020 and we would love to show you the latest updates on Ongair. We know these improvements will raise your productivity a notch higher.

Your New Home


You’ve probably noticed a new icon on your menu. Yes, we’ve created a new home for you. Home is a new perspective on the work you have to do. Unlike the Inbox, you can easily see a quick visual overview of the customers you need to respond to, which ones are pending and what’s in danger of becoming overdue… Try it out and feel free to let us know what you think and how we can make it better.

Quick Refresh
We know how annoying it is to refresh the whole page just to know if you’ve received any new messages. With the quick refresh button, we’ve made it a quick press of a button and voila! Any updates are instantly available saving you lots of time.

Media Canned Responses
We all loved canned responses and how they save time, but many of our users have been requesting us to attach files to them. Now you can create media canned responses so you never have to go looking for that brochure on your document every time a customer asks for it.

SMS Contacts
There are times when you want to quickly send a message to a single or few contacts. Uploading contacts from a CSV file can be quite tedious. This is why we added a contacts feature, for those of you using Africa’s Talking to avoid the lengthy process. You can now focus on being efficient with your time.

Speaking of efficiency, sometimes you have a broadcast message that’s meant for a cross channel audience. You can now send bulk messages to multiple channels - WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and SMS.

Creating lists manually is double work that’s unnecessary. We’ve now simplified your work. Customers who want to receive communication from you can now automatically be subscribed to a list. All you have to do is set a keyword for them to opt-in and out of lists.

Desktop Notifications
As a customer support agent, you have multiple tasks and you are not always on the Ongair dashboard. Ongair can now operate in the background and notify you when there’s a new action that needs your attention. Just turn on notifications on the browser popup message and you’re set.

Reopening closed tickets
Ever served a customer and closed a ticket, only to realize that you left something out? The extra information could mean retaining or losing the customer. No worries. You can now reopen closed tickets to offer satisfactory service.

Business hours
Your customers deserve to know when to contact you. Keeping your customers guessing, and leaving their messages unattended for long, can be rather irksome. We’ve made it easy for you to be courteous. Notify them when you are away...

We hope you will enjoy using these new features. If you want a demo session, feel free to email us on hello@ongair.im, or book a demo on this link.