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What's New! Late 2020 Edition.

2020! What a year! This year has brought a lot of difference in how we live and work, and in this end of year edition we're unveiling some of the features we've been working on the last few months. We hope they help will you be more productive and supportive to your customers in these times.

7-day Customer Service Window for Messenger

It's not always possible to reply to customer requests within 24 hours, especially on weekends and busy times. For Messenger users you can now reply up-to 7 days since a customer's last message.

Media Viewer

We've made it easy to see received images and videos that have been sent to your accounts. You can access the viewer on the Inbox by clicking on the Filter and selecting Media.

Quoted Replies for WhatsApp

Tired of having to explain to your client which specific text you are responding to? Quoted replies on WhatsApp are now available on the dashboard. You can see when a customer quotes a message giving you additional context to quickly resolve the issue.

Resolving Tickets from Auto Responders

Auto Responders are great ways to provide quick answers to your customers. Now we've added an option to Resolve a conversation if an Auto Responder is sent, giving you more time to attend to other customer queries.


We've also made some improvements to the Inbox filters making sure the counts are accurate as well as a few other speed enhancements under the hood. We hope you will enjoy using these new features.

If you want to learn more about these Ongair and how these features can help you better connect with your customers book a demo here or reach out to us at hello@ongair.im.